How to use DX Criteria in English

Why do DX Criteria?

There are three main ways to use DX Criteria
  • Quickly assess your organization’s DX progress
  • If you are a manager and want to know the DX status of each team or system
  • When you objectively tell your organization's DX status to an external partner

Diagnose the healthiness

You can do the assessments regularly, for example, once every half-year, to visualize your organization's strengths and weaknesses and leverage the result to discuss strategic decisions.

To ask support

The assessment result will help you show the weaknesses clearly and guide you to ask for better support and services. You may also use the assessment result to discuss developing more agile with external partners.

For large enterprise

If you are responsible for a large enterprise team, it is an excellent idea to assess by theme (e.g., by the team, by the system, etc.). You will learn about the differences and their common strengths and weaknesses.

How to change Assessment Sheet to English mode

  1. Copy the sheet.
  1. Change Language setting from Japanese to English on Cell D1.

⏬Assessment Sheet


How to do Assessment

4 points of view and 8 questions in each category

Each category has 4 points of view and 8 questions in total
Points of view:
  • Measurement of metrics
  • Learning and improvement
  • Practice
  • Anti-pattern

1 point for each question

Score 1 point for TRUE and 0 points for FALSE for the points of view below.
  • Measurement of metrics
  • Learning and improvement
  • Practice
Score 1 point for FALSE and 0 points for TRUE for the points of view below.
  • Anti-pattern
Note Please note FALSE will be a positive score in Anti-pattern

0.5 points for “TRUE, but” or “FALSE, but”

If the answer is TRUE or FALSE, but you feel like adding some situation, for example, doing but fixing now, please add a check on "but". The score will be 0.5 points in this case.
Let's keep trying until getting things done! 👍


Try DX Criteria without understanding DX Criteria aims to give your business activities a competitive edge in an uncertain era. We encourage you to experiment and learn from experience repeatedly. Using the DX Criteria as a guideline, repeat experiments to find the right digital transformation and developer experience for your organization.
Concerning scores without discussion and improvement
By having DX Criteria assessment results, we want all the organizations to have a clear point of view in the discussion to improve proactively. Moreover, it will be lost if management sets these as evaluation targets.
Focus on results rather than content The DX Criteria focus on the norms, culture, and capability of organizations that perform agile hypothesis testing. Don't be satisfied by fulfilling all the criteria to focus on finding the bottlenecks and improvement.
Get personal We don't want DX Criteria to blame your teammate or colleagues. Please challenge to have a better discussion by visualizing the nature of software development.

How to see the result

You can see the Score, Deviation value, Rating, and Pie chart by the category in the "可視化/Report" sheet.

(To Be Updated)How do we compare the result with others?

実際に、DX Criteriaを自社組織に適用しようと考えると、各チームごとにチームの項目を入力し平均値を算出したり、経年比較したいなどのニーズが出てきます。その際の方法についてご紹介します。(製作中)
複数チーム/経年比較での使い方2022/6/18 22:472022/6/18 22:47

(To Be Updated)Others

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